EMR Naturals was born out of a simple philosophy: that the solutions to many of our hair and beauty stresses lies in the trees, plants and herbs found in nature. And yet too often we blindly reach for off-the shelf, chemically-laden products which at best act as ‘sticking plasters’ and at worst prolong or exacerbate our problems.

Following years of careful research into the science of hair and beauty, we have designed a hair and beauty range with nature at its core. Our products are packed with rich natural and ingredients; many are entirely chemical free and when we use chemicals, we use the minimum necessary to achieve the best results.

So whether you’re struggling with dry skin, looking for a natural tooth-whitener to compliment your dental regime, or searching for rich oils and hair treatment products that gives natural hair (including Afro-hair) amazing curls and bounce, nature has the solution – we just found it and bottled it for you.